TRUEDEM: Trust in European Democracies

​Cross-country comparative comprehensive investigation of public​ ​perceptions of trust and trustworthiness (2023-2025) 

Mission of the project

Political trust is considered a factor of regime stability and is associated with representative democracies. However, there is growing concern about the future of democracy. The EU-funded TRUEDEM project will monitor the structural (long-term) drivers of political trust and emphasize the strategies to be employed by diverse actors and agencies to strengthen accurate and informed judgments of agency trustworthiness. The project will design and implement complex research to collect inclusive evidence concerning trustworthiness judgments in several European states. TRUEDEM will also develop a comprehensive and transparent toolbox of short- and long-term policy interventions comprising recommendations and methodologies to increase trust in political institutions. Finally, it will promote transparency and inclusiveness of representative systems. 

Project Members on the TRUEDEM Aims and Goals

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